Troubleshooting GOG Galaxy Installation Issues: Resolving the “gog download stuck” Error

Troubleshooting GOG Galaxy Installation Issues: Resolving the “gog download stuck” Error

GOG Galaxy, a popular gaming platform, offers a diverse library of games for download and installation. However, users may occasionally encounter installation issues, leading to the “gog download stuck” error. This comprehensive guide delves into the potential causes of this error and provides detailed solutions to resolve it effectively.

Potential Causes of the “gog download stuck” Error

  1. Insufficient Disk Space

    • Ensure adequate free disk space on the target drive to accommodate the game’s installation files.
  2. Unstable Internet Connection

    • Verify that your internet connection is stable and provides sufficient bandwidth for downloading large game files.
  3. Corrupted Galaxy.db File

    • The Galaxy.db file, GOG Galaxy’s database, can become corrupted, leading to installation problems.
  4. Antivirus or Firewall Interference

    • Antivirus software or firewalls may mistakenly block GOG Galaxy’s access to necessary files or network resources.
  5. Incorrect Security Settings

    • Improper security settings for the GOG Galaxy folder can prevent successful game installation.
  6. Corrupted GOG Galaxy Installation

    • A corrupted GOG Galaxy installation can cause various issues, including installation failures.

Solutions to Resolve the “gog download stuck” Error

  1. Ensure Adequate Disk Space

    – Check the available disk space on the target drive.
    – If necessary, free up space by deleting unnecessary files or moving data to another drive.

  2. Optimize Internet Connection

    – Test your internet speed to ensure it meets the requirements for downloading large game files.
    – Consider using a wired connection for a more stable and reliable internet connection.

  3. Delete the Galaxy.db File

    – Close GOG Galaxy and any related processes.
    – Navigate to the GOG Storage subfolder (typically located at C:\ProgramData\\Galaxy\Storage).
    – Locate and delete the Galaxy.db file.
    – Restart GOG Galaxy and attempt to install the game again.

  4. Disable Antivirus and Firewall Temporarily

    – Temporarily disable your antivirus software and firewall.
    – Attempt to install the game.
    – If successful, add exceptions for GOG Galaxy in your security software to prevent future interference.

  5. Adjust Security Settings for GOG Galaxy Folder

    – Right-click on the GOG Galaxy folder and select “Properties.”
    – In the “General” tab, deselect the “Read-only” option.
    – In the “Security” tab, grant “Full control” permissions to all users.
    – Click “Apply” and “OK” to save the changes.

  6. Reinstall GOG Galaxy

    – Uninstall GOG Galaxy using the Control Panel or Settings app.
    – Delete any residual files and folders related to GOG Galaxy.
    – Download and install the latest version of GOG Galaxy from the official website.

  7. Install GOG Games through the Browser

    – As an alternative, download the game’s offline installer from the GOG website.
    – Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.


By following the solutions outlined in this guide, users can effectively resolve the “gog download stuck” error and successfully install games on GOG Galaxy. Whether the issue stems from insufficient disk space, network connectivity problems, corrupted files, or security settings, these comprehensive troubleshooting steps provide a systematic approach to resolving the problem and ensuring a smooth gaming experience.


What is the “gog download stuck” error?

The “gog download stuck” error occurs when users are unable to install games on GOG Galaxy due to various reasons, such as insufficient disk space, unstable internet connection, corrupted files, or security settings.

What are the potential causes of the “gog download stuck” error?

Potential causes include insufficient disk space on the target drive, unstable internet connection, corrupted Galaxy.db file, antivirus or firewall interference, incorrect security settings for the GOG Galaxy folder, and a corrupted GOG Galaxy installation.

How can I resolve the “gog download stuck” error?

To resolve the error, you can try the following solutions:
– Ensure adequate disk space.
– Optimize your internet connection.
– Delete the Galaxy.db file.
– Disable antivirus and firewall temporarily.
– Adjust security settings for the GOG Galaxy folder.
– Reinstall GOG Galaxy.
– Install GOG games through the browser.

What should I do if I have tried all the solutions but the error persists?

If the error persists despite trying all the solutions, you can contact GOG support for further assistance. Provide them with detailed information about the issue, including any error messages or codes you may have encountered.

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