Reticle Cursor: Enhancing Precision in Windows

In the realm of computing, precision is paramount, especially when navigating digital landscapes or executing intricate tasks. The reticle cursor, also known as the crosshair cursor, stands as a valuable tool that elevates accuracy and control within the Windows operating system. This article delves into the methods for obtaining and utilizing the reticle cursor in Windows 11 and Windows 10, empowering users to harness its benefits.

Method 1: Utilizing Mouse Properties

  1. Accessing Mouse Properties:

    • Initiate the Windows Settings panel by pressing “Win+I.”
    • Navigate to “Bluetooth & devices” and select “Mouse.”
    • Click on “Additional mouse settings” to open the “Mouse Properties” panel.
  2. Selecting the Reticle Cursor:

    • Switch to the “Pointers” tab within the “Mouse Properties” panel.
    • Highlight the “Normal Select” option and click on the “Browse” button.
    • Locate and select the desired reticle cursor from the available options.
    • Confirm the selection by clicking “Open” and then “OK” to save the changes.

Method 2: Employing Microsoft PowerToys

  1. Installing and Launching PowerToys:

    • Ensure that Microsoft PowerToys is installed on your system. If not, follow the necessary steps to acquire and install the application.
    • Once installed, launch PowerToys and navigate to the “Mouse utilities” tab.
  2. Activating the Reticle Cursor:

    • Locate the “Enable Mouse Pointer Crosshairs” option and toggle the corresponding button to activate the feature.
    • Press the “Ctrl+Alt+P” key combination to display the reticle cursor on your screen.

Customization Options:

Microsoft PowerToys offers a plethora of customization options for the reticle cursor, allowing users to tailor its appearance and behavior to their preferences. These options include:

  • Modifying the color and opacity of the cursor
  • Adjusting the center radius and thickness of the crosshairs
  • Customizing the border color and size


The reticle cursor serves as a valuable asset for users seeking enhanced precision and control within the Windows environment. By implementing the methods outlined in this article, users can effortlessly obtain and utilize the reticle cursor, unlocking its potential to elevate their productivity and accuracy in various applications. Furthermore, the customization options provided by Microsoft PowerToys empower users to personalize the reticle cursor to suit their specific needs and preferences.


What is a reticle cursor?

A reticle cursor, also known as a crosshair cursor, is a specialized cursor that features a cross-shaped design. It is commonly used in applications that demand high precision, such as image editing, video editing, and gaming. The reticle cursor enhances accuracy and control by providing a fixed reference point on the screen.

How to obtain the reticle cursor in Windows 11 and Windows 10?

There are two primary methods to obtain the reticle cursor in Windows 11 and Windows 10:

  1. Using Mouse Properties: This method involves accessing the “Mouse Properties” panel through the Windows Settings app or the Control Panel. Once in the “Mouse Properties” panel, navigate to the “Pointers” tab, select the “Normal Select” option, click on the “Browse” button, and choose the desired reticle cursor from the available options.

  2. Employing Microsoft PowerToys: Microsoft PowerToys is a free and open-source utility that offers various customization options for Windows. To use PowerToys to obtain the reticle cursor, install and launch the application, navigate to the “Mouse utilities” tab, enable the “Enable Mouse Pointer Crosshairs” option, and press the “Ctrl+Alt+P” key combination to display the reticle cursor.

Can I customize the reticle cursor?

Yes, you can customize the reticle cursor using Microsoft PowerToys. The customization options include modifying the color and opacity of the cursor, adjusting the center radius and thickness of the crosshairs, and customizing the border color and size.

What are the benefits of using a reticle cursor?

The reticle cursor offers several benefits, including:

  • Enhanced precision: The cross-shaped design of the reticle cursor provides a fixed reference point, improving accuracy and precision when performing tasks that require pixel-perfect placement, such as image editing or video editing.

  • Increased control: The reticle cursor allows for more precise control over the mouse pointer, making it easier to select small objects or navigate through complex interfaces.

  • Improved gaming experience: The reticle cursor is commonly used in gaming, as it provides a clear and stable aiming point, enhancing the player’s ability to target and hit objects accurately.

Are there any drawbacks to using a reticle cursor?

While the reticle cursor offers several benefits, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Reduced visibility: The crosshairs of the reticle cursor can sometimes obscure small objects or details on the screen, making them difficult to see.

  • Distraction: For some users, the reticle cursor may be visually distracting, especially when performing tasks that do not require high precision.

  • Incompatibility: Certain applications or games may not be compatible with the reticle cursor, causing it to disappear or behave erratically.

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