Exploring the Best Alternatives to HowManyofMe.com

In the digital age, we are often curious about our unique identities and how many others share our names. HowManyofMe.com was a popular website that provided insights into the number of individuals who shared the same name as ours. Unfortunately, this website has been shut down, leaving us in search of alternatives. In this article, we will explore some reliable alternatives to HowManyofMe.com that can help us satisfy our curiosity.

Forebears: Unveil the Popularity of Your Name Worldwide

Forebears emerges as a viable alternative to HowManyofMe.com, offering a comprehensive analysis of the popularity of both your first and last names, not just in the United States but across the globe. By simply visiting the Forebears website and entering your name in the search box, you can gain valuable insights. The website provides suggestions for similar names, enabling you to select the specific name you wish to explore.
Upon selecting a name, Forebears reveals its rank, indicating its commonality worldwide. Moreover, it offers a brief meaning of the name and estimates the number of individuals who share the same name. Additionally, Forebears provides information about the countries where the name is most prevalent and where it has the highest density.
A compelling feature of Forebears is its interactive demographic chart, which highlights the distribution of the name worldwide. By hovering your mouse over a specific country, you can access various statistics such as ratio, rank, and frequency. The website also presents these statistics in a tabular format, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the name’s prevalence.

Behind the Name: Unearthing the Etymology and History of First Names

Behind the Name stands as another noteworthy alternative to HowManyofMe.com. This website focuses on providing insights into the etymology and history of first names. By entering your name in the search box, Behind the Name offers a wide range of information, including its usage, pronunciation, and scripts. Furthermore, you can explore the name’s popularity in different regions such as the USA and England.
A distinctive feature of Behind the Name is its presentation of a chart illustrating the name’s popularity over the years. This enables you to gauge the name’s historical significance. Additionally, you can compare the popularity of your first name with other names of interest. The website also provides related names, namesakes, ratings, and various filters to refine your search.

Maniacs.info: Discover the Number of Namesakes in the United States

Maniacs.info offers a diverse range of tools, including the “How Many Of Me?” tool, making it a suitable alternative to HowManyofMe.com. This particular tool allows you to determine the number of individuals who share either your first or last name, specifically within the United States.
To utilize this tool, simply navigate to the Maniacs.info website and select whether you want to explore your first name or last name. After entering the desired name, click the “How Many Of Me?” button to generate the results.
The results page provides an estimate of the number of individuals who share the same name as you, along with the name’s rank in terms of popularity within the United States. Furthermore, Maniacs.info offers additional information, such as names that start with the same letter as your name in the United States.
Aside from the “How Many Of Me?” tool, Maniacs.info offers various other useful tools, including an Aspect Calculator, BAC Calculator, Birthday Countdown, and Capitalization Rate Calculator.


Although HowManyofMe.com is no longer accessible, there are several reliable alternatives that can satisfy our curiosity about the number of individuals who share our names. Forebears provides a global perspective, offering insights into the popularity and distribution of names worldwide. Behind the Name focuses on the etymology and history of first names, allowing us to delve deeper into their origins. Maniacs.info caters specifically to the United States, enabling us to uncover the number of namesakes within the country.
By utilizing these alternative websites, we can continue to explore and appreciate the uniqueness of our names in a digital world that is brimming with diversity.


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