Creating and Printing Labels with Google Sheets Using Foxy Labels Add-On

Creating and Printing Labels with Google Sheets Using Foxy Labels Add-On

In a business setting, the need to create and print labels for various purposes, such as addressing envelopes or organizing inventory, often arises. Google Sheets, a versatile spreadsheet application, offers a solution for this task through the use of add-ons. Among these add-ons, Foxy Labels stands out as a powerful tool for generating labels efficiently. This article delves into the steps involved in utilizing Foxy Labels to create and print labels using Google Sheets.

Foxy Labels: A Comprehensive Overview

Foxy Labels is a feature-rich add-on that seamlessly integrates with Google Sheets, enabling users to effortlessly transform spreadsheet data into printable labels. Its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options make it an ideal choice for creating labels for diverse applications. Whether you need labels for shipping, product packaging, or personalized correspondence, Foxy Labels has you covered.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Foxy Labels

  1. Installation:

    • Visit the Google Workspace Marketplace and search for “Foxy Labels.”
    • Click “Install” to add the add-on to your Google Sheets account.
  2. Creating a Label Sheet:

    • Open the Google Sheet containing the data you want to use for labels.
    • Click “Extensions” in the menu bar and select “Foxy Labels” > “Create Labels.”
    • A sidebar will appear, displaying a list of available label templates.
  3. Selecting a Template:

    • Choose a template that matches the size and format of the labels you intend to print.
    • If you cannot find a suitable template, you can create a custom one by clicking “Custom Size.”
  4. Mapping Data to Labels:

    • In the “Merge Fields” section, select the data columns from your spreadsheet that correspond to the information you want to include on your labels.
    • Drag and drop the fields onto the template to map them to the appropriate label elements.
  5. Previewing and Printing:

    • Click “Preview” to view a digital representation of your labels.
    • Make any necessary adjustments to the layout or data.
    • Once satisfied with the preview, click “Print” to send the labels to your printer.

Additional Features of Foxy Labels

  1. Conditional Formatting:

    • Apply conditional formatting rules to highlight specific data or add visual elements to your labels.
  2. Image and Barcode Support:

    • Insert images, logos, or barcodes onto your labels to enhance their visual appeal and functionality.
  3. Data Filtering:

    • Filter your spreadsheet data before creating labels to include only the relevant information.
  4. Multiple Label Types:

    • Foxy Labels supports a wide range of label sizes and types, catering to various labeling needs.


Foxy Labels is an invaluable tool for creating and printing labels using Google Sheets. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and extensive customization options make it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals alike. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can effortlessly generate professional-looking labels that meet your specific requirements.


What is Foxy Labels?

Foxy Labels is a feature-rich Google Sheets add-on that allows users to effortlessly create and print labels using data from their spreadsheets. It offers a wide range of templates, customization options, and advanced features to cater to diverse labeling needs.

How do I install Foxy Labels?

To install Foxy Labels, visit the Google Workspace Marketplace, search for “Foxy Labels,” and click “Install.” The add-on will be integrated with your Google Sheets account, allowing you to access it from any spreadsheet.

How do I create a label sheet using Foxy Labels?

To create a label sheet, open the Google Sheet containing your data, click “Extensions” in the menu bar, select “Foxy Labels” > “Create Labels,” choose a template or create a custom one, map your data to the label elements, and click “Preview” to review the layout. Once satisfied, click “Print” to send the labels to your printer.

Can I use Foxy Labels to print labels for different purposes?

Yes, Foxy Labels supports a wide range of label types and sizes, making it suitable for various applications such as shipping, product packaging, personalized correspondence, and asset tracking.

Does Foxy Labels offer any advanced features?

Yes, Foxy Labels includes advanced features such as conditional formatting, image and barcode support, data filtering, and the ability to merge data from multiple sheets into a single label sheet.

Can I use Foxy Labels to create custom label templates?

Yes, Foxy Labels allows you to create custom label templates tailored to your specific requirements. You can define the label size, margins, and layout, and save the template for future use.

Is Foxy Labels free to use?

Foxy Labels offers a free version with limited features. For access to the full range of features, including unlimited label creation and customization options, you can purchase a premium subscription.

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