New version: Content Disclaimer Module 2.0.3

There is a new version of Content Disclaimer Module available.

After the launch day, I had to upload and publish the new module to JED, but there were two minor errors that prevented its publication. They are corrected and I'm waiting the extension's approval.

These minor errors are present on earlier versions to 2.0.3, and they are:

  • #001: tmpl/default.php - GPL or compatible license was not found.
  • #001: /helper.php - The JEXEC security check was not found in this file.

Due to this, now the extension maybe takes about two weeks to be published on Joomla Extensions Directory.

Other minor changes are these:

  • jQuery library updated to last version (1.11.2).
  • Radio buttons of backend according to Joomla's 3.x style.

If you have an active subscription, you can download the latest version from here. If not, you can buy your subscription from here.