Content Disclaimer Popup

Content Disclaimer for Joomla!

Content disclaimer popup is an extension for Joomla! CMS series.

This extension can be useful in many situations, such as:

  • An adult website in a country which by law requires to check the visitor's adulthood.
  • Want to display a cookie disclaimer or cookie dismiss according to the EU cookie law.
  • You display or sell sensitive content to be seen by children.
  • You want to give a custom welcome message to your visitors.

So you can easily display a disclaimer popup, content warning, adult age check, cookie policy, or even ads html code in a jQuery popup layer before visitors can access to your website content. Visitors should accept the disclaimer, otherwise they would be redirected to another site.


There are countries with different times of adulthood, so I recommend you to write the resignation considering that fact. I.E.: "You must reach adulthood in your country in order to see this content."

These are some of its features:

✔ Compatibility with all browsers
✔ Write your own text or html code for your website disclaimer popup
✔ Full integration with own joomla 2.5 and 3.x template buttons, even with most of third party joomla templates
✔ Write your own text for enter and exit buttons
✔ Ability to select articles where you don't want to display the popup disclaimer
✔ Choose the text color, background color, background image header and mask opacity for the disclaimer
✔ Ability to remember (through a cookie) the disclaimer's acceptance during the days you have chosen *¹
✔ Option to enable or disable jQuery library *²
✔ Automatic updates from extension manager

*¹ In extension parameters, and let the users browse your site without showing the popup again.
*² This feature is useful if another extension is already loading jQuery, for preventing to load it twice. In this case make sure that extension is loaded before this extension (in content plugin backend section). In Joomla 3.x this option will be always ignored.

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Since 2.x.x, extension is a module instead a plugin, it has exactly the same behaviour as on 1.x branch, but many improvements have been added.

These are the main advantages when comparing between plugin and module:

Comparison table for Content Disclaimer types
Plugin Module
Full integration with Joomla templates and buttons *¹
Compatibility with all browsers
Ability to select articles where you don't want to display the disclaimer
Enable or disable jQuery library *²
Remember (or not), through a cookie, the disclaimer's acceptance during days
Plain text or html code for your website disclaimer
Write your own text for enter and exit buttons
Customize text color, background color, image header or mask opacity
Display the disclaimer without Joomla! articles present
Auto center the disclaimer on window resize *³
Write the disclaimer using your desired editor (based on user preferences)
Choose between one or two buttons: enter & exit or only enter
Change the exit button link value (by default goes to eco google)
Compatibility with all screens resolutions, even smartphones or tablets
Quick load before site content is loaded
Translate the disclaimer in a natural Joomla! way at multilingual sites
Show or hide the disclaimer based on menu items
Choose any color through a color picker
Change the disclaimer's font size
Display or hide the header image
Persistent mode: Show the disclaimer or message on every page load

*¹ Even with third party Joomla! templates.

*² Only for Joomla 2.5.x, for prevent to load jQuery library twice.

*³ Very useful for tablets and smartphones.