New version: Content Disclaimer Module 2.1.2

There is a new version of Content Disclaimer Module available.

Until this version, the disclaimer was loading through a typical jQuery(window).load(function()... This makes the disclaimer did not appear until the site was completely loaded, including queries to external pages too. So I've decided to force it load at the very beginning of the page load, at least the background dark mask, which does not let us view the content. Then, when the page is fully loaded, the disclaimer is correctly positioned on the center.

A couple of important improvements have been added:

  • The loading time of the disclaimer have been accelerated considerably (not possible more).
  • Possibility to change the disclaimer font size through the module options. Default font size is now 16px.

If you have an active subscription, you can download the latest version from here. If not, you can buy your subscription from here.