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Content Disclaimer Plugin is a content plugin for Joomla!, the initial and most simple version of Content Disclaimer Popup. It was also the first kind of extension for this purposes in JED. Initially it was working with no limitations in all Joomla! versions, but since Joomla! 1.5 it needed a refactoring for showing itself when there aren't Joomla! articles present.

See this post for more info about this.

In short, the disclaimer can't be displayed if there isn't, at least, one standard Joomla! article in the front-end. For doing this through a Joomla! content plugin, it would be necessary to do a long and heavy query to database each time a page is loaded, something non-viable for big sites and dirty for small ones. Another solution, the one I chose, is the extension's refactoring, doing a system plugin or, as in this case, a module.

So if you have a site with standard Joomla! articles, you wouldn't have any problem with the plugin. But if your site are not displaying Joomla! standard articles in some section, (this means a section showing only modules and menus, shopping carts, product sheets, contact forms or any component not integrated with Joomla! articles) and you want to display there the disclaimer, your case will be perfect for downloading Content Disclaimer Module in lieu of the plugin.


You can download this plugin for free, but it won't include improvements, updates (only vitally necessary) or any kind of support queries, included email queries. If you need support, regular updates and improvements, you need a subscription. After purchasing it, you will also be able to download the module.

These are the main advantages when comparing between plugin and module:

Comparison table for Content Disclaimer types
Plugin Module
Full integration with Joomla templates and buttons *¹
Compatibility with all browsers
Ability to select articles where you don't want to display the disclaimer
Enable or disable jQuery library *²
Remember (or not), through a cookie, the disclaimer's acceptance during days
Plain text or html code for your website disclaimer
Write your own text for enter and exit buttons
Customize text color, background color, image header or mask opacity
Display the disclaimer without Joomla! articles present
Auto center the disclaimer on window resize *³
Write the disclaimer using your desired editor (based on user preferences)
Choose between one or two buttons: enter & exit or only enter
Change the exit button link value (by default goes to eco google)
Compatibility with all screens resolutions, even smartphones or tablets
Quick load before site content is loaded
Translate the disclaimer in a natural Joomla! way at multilingual sites
Show or hide the disclaimer based on menu items
Choose any color through a color picker
Change the disclaimer's font size
Display or hide the header image
Persistent mode: Show the disclaimer or message on every page load

*¹ Even with third party Joomla! templates.

*² Only for Joomla 2.5.x, for prevent to load jQuery library twice.

*³ Very useful for tablets and smartphones.

plg - Content Disclaimer Popup

Monday, 27 April 2015
Joomla 2.x - 3.x

Version 1.9.3

  • * Corrected encoded js file from UTF-no-BOM to UTF-8

    ! jQuery library updated to 1.11.2

    + Minified javascript

  • Maturity stable
    License GNU GPLv3
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    Content Disclaimer Plugin 1.9.3
Content Disclaimer Plugin

* Corrected encoded js file from UTF-no-BOM to UTF-8

! jQuery library updated to 1.11.2

+ Minified javascript